We support and help develop individuals with intellectual disabilities

What we do

We provide the care individuals with intellectual disabilities need to feel safe and enjoy physical and emotional wellbeing throughout their lives. We discover and honour their interests, talents, skills and aspirations so they can thrive and be included as genuine members of their local community and live the lives they choose. We also support their families with the needed programs and services to provide the care they need.


Diversity Is Being Invited to the Party; Inclusion Is Being Asked to Dance.

- VernĂ£ Myers

Community Impact

When people feel included in their community, they naturally develop and grow their talents and instincts providing immense value to the businesses they work in, the groups they attend and the friends and family they interact with.

Diversity and inclusion increase productivity and innovation in our community as the ability to learn and grow from each other is exponentially expanded.

Who we are

We provide innovative services for people with intellectual disabilities in North and West Vancouver, British Columbia and have done so for nearly seven decades.

We are passionate advocates, community leaders, caregivers, and volunteers. Our programs and initiatives at IDS are grounded in our shared objective of fostering community inclusion for everyone.

Our strength lies in our desire to constantly improve in all we do, listen to the people we serve, and work with families and self-advocates to bring about the social change we champion.

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I live in an IDS home. I like my room and my roommates a lot.

- Janet

I had my own online cooking show and I work at the Muffin Cafe at the Harry Jerome Recreation Centre in North Vancouver.

- Emma
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Self Advocates Christmas Party

Tuesday December 5 2023 at 5:00 pm

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News & Activities

Self Advocates Christmas Party

Wed November 8, 2023

We held our Annual Self-Advocate Christmas Party on Dec 5th, 2023. Only open to current Self-Advocates at Intellectual Disabilities Society.

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Community Services Recovery Fund 2023 Funding Recipient

Fundraising Wed October 4, 2023

We are pleased to share that we have been selected as a funding recipient of the Community Services Recovery Fund (CSRF) from the Government of Canada. These funds will go towards the improvement of our HR and recruitment processes. This means improved payroll and scheduling processes, better recruitment opportunities, and an improved speed in our […]

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Improving Yard Accessibility for Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Uncategorised Tue September 26, 2023

By Charlene Roth Making small changes in your yard can improve accessibility for children with intellectual disabilities. As a parent of a child with an intellectual or developmental disability, you want to make sure that your child is safe while playing outside. The great outdoors can feel like a scary, overwhelming source of trouble when […]

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