Family Support

The IDS Family Support program offers on-going assistance to families who live with a child with special needs and diverse abilities. We provide one-to-one personal support on an outreach basis through education and problem solving and assist families to expand their existing network.

Our services allow individuals the opportunity to engage in activities outside of their typical routine, activities they may not usually have time for. This in turn allows families time to focus on their own needs for the duration of the service. We also support and guide families in developing long term plans or in exploring service options.

Our caregivers carve opportunities for their individuals to explore and engage with the community through supported interactions whilst providing one-to-one support. These assisted activities promote independence, personal growth, and self-reliance. Family Support also works in partnership with other community groups and agencies to coordinate activities such as the Transition Fair.

We enjoy offering this valuable service to families and individuals.

Families need a referral from the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) to access family support. If you are interested in respite for your child, please contact the MCFD CYSN program at (604) 904-4300. For more information, visit MCFD 

How to Get Started

Please learn more about how you can qualify for this service using the link below.

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