IDS Pathfinders

IDS Pathfinders is a social, recreational, and educational program with a busy and diverse schedule. This participant-driven program provides opportunities for learning social skills and building friendships. Peer training and support are key for learning to work with others and combining the talents of the group to make good decisions.

IDS Pathfinders participants are a group of young adults, most of whom transitioned from high school to the program. Our goal is that participants use the program as a stepping stone to full participation in their community as an adult – building their personal, social, and recreational competencies to live successfully in their own way.

The entire group meets once a quarter to discuss their goals and share their successes and challenges. New activities, skills, ideas, and workshops are tested during the quarter, discussed at the following meeting, and then modified, completed, or continued onto the next quarter.

Pathfinders host their Cafe Social program at The Summit (1095 Churchill Crescent, North Vancouver) on Thursdays from 10:30-12pm. Drop by to pick up a coffee & freshly baked pastry for $4.

For further information about the Pathfinders program, contact Summit at Learn more about The Summit!

How to Get Started

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