Snoezelen Room

Our Snoezelen room, operating since 2004, is an environment which provides stimuli to the primary senses of sight, sound, texture, and smell. Stimulating our senses helps us to learn and fosters personal awareness. Snoezelen Therapy originated in Holland in the 1970’s. Multiple studies since then have shown significant benefits for adults and children with learning and intellectual disabilities including an increased sense of self-control, increased exploration and creative behaviours, improved attention span and a reduction in challenging behaviours.

Spending time in the room increases sensory sensitization. Users reduce over-stimulation from everyday stimuli that may be common triggers. In the Snoezelen room, they are exposed to stimuli in a comfortable and safe environment. Continual exposure to these elements reduces their anxiety when presented with potentially anxiety creating situations in their lives.

The Snoezelen environment is conducive to self-regulation of behaviour. Caregivers/support providers can control the level of stimulation for the user. Individuals can explore and relax in an environment where there is no pressure to achieve and experience sensory stimulation at their own pace. The Snoezelen Room offers our community a wonderful environment to encourage sensory sensitization.

To use the Snoezelen Room you must do the following:

Fill out a Summit membership form and pay the annual membership fee.
Anyone using the room is required to have a Snoezelen orientation by a Summit staff member. The Snoezelen orientation session costs $15 per person and typically lasts 1 hour. Once orientation is complete, you will obtain access to our online booking calendar.
There is a maximum of 6 participants including staff allowed in the Snoezelen Room at one time.
Use of the room is $5 per half hour and $10 per hour. The fee assists in maintaining the room.
Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your appointment. You must leave after your appointment unless you have an upcoming program.

Please remember Snoezelen is an environment to relax and engage in. No rough playing allowed. The Snoezelen equipment is very expensive so please handle with care.
Once you have finished re-organizing/tidying the room, please locate a Summit staff and they will take your payment for the room.

How to Get Started

For all Snoezelen Room inquiries, tours, or to schedule a Snoezelen orientation session, please email:

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