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Since February 2004, The Summit has been a supportive, adapted, recreation facility where individuals with intellectual disabilities participate in programs that support their needs and interests.

IDS Summit is not funded by Community Living BC and no referrals are required. We offer annual memberships for $40 and our programs are low-cost or free. Members help us decide what programs we will offer and what resources are available. Our programs are recreational and educational. They enhance social, physical, and life skills. You can register online using your Smart Rec account.

We also offer programs virtually through Zoom to service children, youth, adults, and seniors with intellectual disabilities, and support their families, and caregivers. The Summit strives to help participants realize their leisure, social, and physical goals. What sets The Summit’s programs apart from many other services is the emphasis on offering innovative programs and services without the constraints of traditional funding or waitlists.

Types of programs at IDS Summit include:

  • Art, Music and Dance
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Social and Life Skills
  • Sport and Fitness
  • Seniors-specific programs
  • Supported Volunteer Work
  • Overnight Away Camping and Retreats

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What if I cannot pay for a program at IDS Summit?

Please talk to the Program Manager to discuss ways we can support you.


For more information about eligibility, please contact The Summit:


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