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Venture Enterprises is an innovative entrepreneurial program where individuals learn and develop small business skills. This person-centric program supports participants in harnessing their skills and interests in the creation of diverse products. We regularly host a series of hands-on DIY workshops, with each quarter presenting exciting opportunities for skill development and creative exploration. For detailed information about each class and registration, please consult the Summit’s leisure guide.

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Explore our extensive catalog of over 35 unique offerings, including our flagship product, the VE Natural Cleaner, as well as a range of items such as greeting cards, Christmas and home decor, spa salts, toys, and pet-friendly cookies.

VE proudly engages in Litter Pick-Up contracts for local businesses and provides confidential shredding services for papers. Our dedicated participants contribute to the community by volunteering in park cleaning initiatives, such as at Ambleside Shoreline & MacKay Park.

As part of our commitment to fostering a supportive environment, Venture’s staff organizes complimentary activities for participants, including enjoyable outings and group lunches throughout the year.

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Our Best Seller: The VE Natural Cleaner

Our all natural, all-purpose cleaner is perfect for any cleaning job. Hand crafted by our social enterprise team, VE Natural Cleaner is perfect for use around the house, shop or office. We use ingredients such as Eucalyptus oil, rosemary and essence of lemon to keep your space looking and smelling clean, naturally!

VE Natural Cleaner prices:
500 ml bottle: $8.00
500 ml refill bottle: $7.00
4 L jar: $35.00

To Get Started

For more information, contact the VE team at or 604-671-1819

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