Education and Community Awareness

About Education and Community Awareness

We are dedicated to promoting community awareness and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities throughout the lower mainland.

We visit schools, first responders, medical facilities, businesses and various community groups.

Through interactive and educational presentations teams and students learn about the challenges faced by those who identifying as having a disability. But more importantly, they learn about the talents, skills and rich emotional contribution individuals bring to their communities, friends, workplaces and schools.

These presentations will inspire your teams and students to welcome diversity, encourage difference, and ultimately contribute to building communities where all people are valued and included.

Education and Community Awareness:

Among First Responders

We believe that educating First Responders on how to identify and understand the behaviours and experiences of people living with intellectual disabilities in the community is important to:

  • help build positive community relationships
  • improve crisis response systems
  • reduce unnecessary arrests & use of force
  • increase officer confidence
  • reduce liability

Among Community Members

We believe in the importance of working with and educating companies and organizations who are looking to:

  • become more inclusive in their practices
  • employ people with disabilities
  • create sensory friendly spaces

In The Classroom

We are committed to promoting disability awareness and acceptance in the classroom and with educators.

We prepare students to take their positive experience of including people with disabilities in their school years into adulthood, employment and their future life experiences.

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